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Student Youth Worker Post

We're looking to recruit a Student Youth Worker for three years, Sept 2015 to July 2018, who will be living and working here in Bedworth while studying for their BA in Youth and Community Work at Midlands CYM, St John's College, Nottingham.  If you are interested, please ring Richard Hare on 024 7631 0219 to discuss it.  We are holding an informal look-round day on Sunday 29 March, from 10.30 am to 4.00 pm, and we'd love anyone interested in the post to come and see us then.


Job Description

Title of the post - Student Youth Worker

Professional Practice Agency name - Bedworth Team: All Saints + St Andrew’s

Line-Manager - Rev. Richard Hare

Office base - Either All Saints or St Andrew’s Church

Hours during term - 14 hours per week (school terms = 39 weeks per year)

Hours during vacations - None, but there is some time-off-in-lieu flexibility

to allow for summer camps

Financial Arrangements - Salary of £7.85 hourly

- All college travel expenses

- All youth-work related expenses

- Book allowance of £150 per year

- Holiday entitlement School holidays, as outlined above

Length of Professional Practice Agency - Three academic years

Overall Aim of this post:

To worship God, make new disciples and transform communities – specifically by building on existing work with our church young people, their leaders, and young people in the wider community, to see them grow in maturity and faith.

What we offer you:

* Journeying with us in our shared life and ministry in Bedworth

* The opportunity to learn, to take risks and make mistakes in a safe, supported environment

* Encouragement to grow in faith and personal maturity

* The chance to develop a healthy pattern of life, including prayer, retreat, work, study, relaxation and fun.

* A pastoral supporter who will be a listening ear and will help you with any issues.

* The benefit of our well established children’s work, collaborating with our Children’s Worker

What we can expect from you

* To be part of All Saints and St Andrew’s youth work team

* To work as part of the team which leads the following activities:

o Mission Impossible, a weekly youth club for 11-16s

o Pathfinders Sunday morning group, for 13-16s at All Saints

o Watch this Space, a monthly worship event for 14 to 29-year-olds

o StreetCare, an outreach project that shares chocolate,

hot drinks and the love of Jesus to the young people

who hang around town on Friday nights

* To organise the taking of a group of young people to Soul Survivor, Greenbelt or equivalent in the summer

* To work 2 hours per week in Nicholas Chamberlaine Academy (11-18s) under the direction of the staff there

* To lead a basics course (such as Youth Alpha) for our older teenagers, preparing them for baptism and confirmation

* To develop a new project among Bedworth’s young people – take a risk!

* To undertake administration, communication, networking and publicity as required for the youth work

* To abide by the parish’s Safeguarding Policy, including behaving honourably and upholding Christian teaching in all relationships with young people and adults alike

The student will also be expected to live in Bedworth parish and to attend All Saints or St Andrew’s churches during the length of the Professional Practice Agency.


Person Specification


* Christian commitment

* Experience in church-based youth work

* Good communication skills

* An understanding of, sensitivity to and commitment to the needs of young people

* Experience in discipling young people

* Ability to work as part of a team and under their own initiative, responding well to being challenged

* Good sense of humour



* Experience in organising events

* Experience in community-based work with children and/or young people and their families



Watch this Space



Watch this Space is an alternative worship event aimed at 15-29 year-olds (although we're quite happy if younger teenagers turn up, as long as they are in Year 9 or above). So what to expect? Food, hot chocolate, an icebreaker activity, Bible-based discussion in small groups and some informal worship. We meet every month and our next dates are 15 Mar, 19 April and 17 May 2015.  We start at 8.00 pm and finish at 9.15 pm.



Xpress Creations


LegoOur next Xpress Creations dates are Sat 14 March, 18 April, 6 June and 11 July 2015. Come along at 10.30 am for some free craft and Lego-making activities, ending with bacon batches at about 11.45 am. All welcome.





Eight Essential Qualities for Healthy, Growing Churches

A year ago we took a survey which showed that our church was strong in a number of areas: our structures are effective, our leadership is empowering and our spirituality is passionate!  Our weakest area was 'Gift-based ministry', and we've taken steps to improve in this - a Lent course, a 'Taste and See' afternoon and many one-to-one conversations have all aimed to ensure that people are doing the jobs they are gifted in, and that they feel free to try new things.

On 4 November 2014 we took the survey again to see how things have changed... and Gift-based ministry is now our highest area!  Our new lowest area is Need-oriented Evangelism, so over the next year we're going to enjoy learning how to share our faith more effectively with our neighbours and friends.